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It is a promotion strategy for improving the quality of family life in order to promote the emotional development of children and youth at Montessori British School.

The Psychologist involved of each section has to identify the training needs among families of their level. This can be supported by surveys, interviews or other evaluation resources. After identifying the needs, the psychologist should set the timetable, given that it has to be one (1) workshop or talk on each level per academic semester. The workshop on the first half of the year requires attendance, whereas the one performed on the second half is online.

For those parents who cannot attend the workshop attendance will have the opportunity to make a recovery activity related to the subject matter, which will be sent through a circular to their emails. This activity should be sent to the psychologist in charge to his/her mail within 15 days. On the other hand, online workshops have no recovery option, since the activities will be available for approximately 15 days (depending on the deadline set by the department) for their development.

Finally, the psychologist for each section should record the notes in the system for each of their students on the dates set by the school and given the established norms.

Program Objective:

Offer parents a space of listening, guidance and support to strengthen their parenting; so that, these become dynamic chords according to the contexts and propitiate the formation of more just, free and creative human abilities.

Why is it important that parents attend and / or participate in school for parents?

Because this space enables parents to counseling, tools and strategies to guide and support their children’s in situations they face daily, in all areas: social, academic and emotional. It also allows families to interact, share their experiences and contribute to other parents their point of view.

Is it mandatory the attendance and or participation for parents?

Yes. The workshops and lectures that take place are acquired by the parents in the beginning of the school year in which they assume compromise when signing his son's tuition. Likewise, they represent a grade in the report card for students.

How many schools for parents are made?

During the academic year, two schools Parents are made for each level. The first one takes place during the first semester of the academic year and consist on attending class; the second one, takes place in the second half of the year and it is virtual mode. The schedules of Schools for Parents are sent to parents at the beginning of the school year.

Must attendance and / or participation have to be for both parents?

Although it is ideal that both parents attend or participate in discussions, it is not a condition to be part of this, as the school aknowledges that sometimes parents cannot coordinate their schedules to attend together on the date set by the school.

What if the father has two or more children in school?

It is important to note that every age brings different challenges in each of the areas of students (such as family, social, emotional and academic). That is why each of the issues discussed by the Psychologist in School for Parents is developed accordingly. For this reason, parents must attend and / or participate in School for Parents of each of their children. In the case this does not happen, only the child who has recorded the signature and / or relevant work the footnote will apply.

What if a parent cannot attend the workshop?

The school offers the possibility of recover the grade in case of the attendance modality by accessing the issue worked through recovery document available in Moodle in each level within the dates specified by the Psychologist. In the case of virtual mode, there is no possibility of recovery, since a time is provided approximately 15 days (depending on the deadline set by the department) to develop the Parent School.

Does attendance have any grade?

Yes, attendance and / or participation of parents represent a grade that is reflected on the report card for their children. The validation is based on the signature of the parent on the workshop. While in the virtual mode, it is performed through the work psychologist sent to the appropriate section. In the latter there is no recovery option, as are given enough time to develop the activity.

It is important that any activity assigned by the psychologist be forwarded before registration of grades for the period, because after the registration of the grade there will not be any change.