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 montessori EDUCATION

We offer an education, which, main method of teaching is based on the lineaments expressed by Montessori British School. These are, happy students learning in a ludic way and implementing their intellectual, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, physical, moral and esthetic formation in vital environments designed to stimulate, motivate and maximize the spectrum of their multiple intelligences (linguistic, logical-math, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic), with the support of physical resources (guides, teaching aids, specialized instruments for each area of knowledge) and human resources, represented by groups with a high grade of qualification and ethical-moral suitability.

We develop a multilingual environment (Spanish, English, French, and Mandarin), understanding the force and preeminence of the native language and national cultural values, but simultaneously preparing our students for their active and transforming participation as citizens of a global and multicultural society.

Our education initiatives incorporate, promote and implement universal human values in their social and family environment, with an emphasis on respect for the liberty of religious and expressive culture that is conductive to our students possession of an integral formation, and that is conducive to our students to be holders of an integral formation, with social responsibility and commitment to the great challenges that today`s society imposes.


Education in values guarantees a full development of the human personality. This is why our institution is based in solid and truthful values. The institutional values underlying the integral formation of Montessori British School are synthesized in the acrostic of the word Montessori as a sign of identity and belonging. They are published in English due to that it’s the language that’s most used in the academic context; nevertheless we realized a Spanish definition of the values so that they could be clear for all the educative community:


● Morals upheld
The MBS educational community respects morals in the exercise of values in each and every school activity, enhancing each of the members, morality, manners, behaviors, and compliance to dignify ones' relationship with themselves, relationships with others, and the care and protection by the surrounding environment in order to preserve social stability.

● Support for innovation and creativity
The members of MBS are people capable of facing reality as presented, using their capacity for comprehension, creativity and imagination in transforming realities—being creative and innovative, always with responsibility toward betterment.

● Opportunities given and sought
Members of MBS have the ability to visualize opportunities and generate development ideas for themselves, creating new scenarios. This process involves improving competencies throughout the whole framework of human possibilities.

● Strength in the quest for civism
Montessori British School has strong conviction for citizenship education and the importance of the role of human beings in society as leadership agents for social change in school, city, country and the world.

● Nature protective:
At Montessori British School an ecological attitude towards the environment is considered one of privilege; community strategies are generated for the care of the environment; and daily life of the entire educational community is nature friendly.

● Openness in thought:
The people who make up MBS have a positive outlook and acceptance towards different realities of everyday life, respecting ideas and cultures in different contexts.

● Trustworthiness
The stakeholders of MBS are worthy of faith, holding a position of credibility due to their honesty, loyalty, transparency and responsibility in their thoughts and actions.

● Respectful
At MBS all human beings are valued, obeying and respecting those in authority and considering dignity. In the educational community of Montessori British School you will always receive friendly and courteous treatment.

● Excellence driven:
The MBS educational community realizes with excellence everything it proposes, due to persistence, discipline and rigor to responsibilities, not only academically, but also personally and experientially. 

● Inclusive
The educational community of MBS has the motto UBUNTU, "I am because we are", which has been built from a shared vision, a cherished hope, an altruistic purpose or a cause for the common good to sustain unity, strength and courage to make the impossible become possible, together with the determination, commitment and inclusion--it makes the difficult task look easy.

 montessori SCHOOL

We are a mixed institution, international, multilingual and intercultural whose primary objective is to form human values, critical thinking and commitment to the social reality of our country and the world, for this reason we base our teaching on the following aspects:



We teach with creativity. Our students are always encouraged to make innovative works that reflect critical thinking. We have an original physical structure that mirrors a museum, which inspires learning.



Our school is a rainbow of intelligence and values. We teach through different intelligences (verbal-linguistic, logical-mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist) and cultural values, seeking to develop these in different classes we teach.


Organization and quality 

We are an organization that has structured all processes that can be measured and which allow us to make decisions always right in search of continuous improvement. We also teach and demand organization from our students; we believe that this is essential for success.



We keep our students in constant expectation, as we manage a methodology where they learn living real experiences, using new technologies and positively impacting the community.


New Generation

New cultures and languages. Teach and learn in four languages (English, French, Mandarin and Spanish, in addition, live these cultures.