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The Department of Transportation is formed by a group of highly skilled drivers to perform their duties and provide optimal service.

The school has a fleet that meets all the requirements of school transport.

It is provided by particular service vehicles containing the logos of the institution; in addition, there are public service vehicles (white and green) which support the special outputs.

The institution is supported by a group of preselected external trucks that meet all the standards and requirements of the school bus and are used to speed up the journeys.

Performance: The type of service is door to door within the city limits (North Zone: boundary between the street 128 and street 220 between Highway and 7th Avenue. South Zone: boundary La Esperanza Avenue. City Centre Zone: bordering the eastern hills).

The routes outside the city limits are subject to verification and preliminary study to assign a specific whereabouts.


1. I have 2 children who are students at the school, one elementary and one high school, but today the primary school must be presented at 7:00 am. Can I send him with his brother on the high school route? 

It is not allowed such changes at any time and you should check the quota of each route and schedule control of each student is also carried.

4. I need my son to be taken during one or two days at a different address that is registered at school

This service is not provided because each route has its quota and route set.

2. My daughter has to go to the house of a colleague. Can she go on the road and get off with him?

This case it must be submitted in writing to be studied. After checking the quote of the route and considering whether they are in the same route, which would facilitate the process, it would be possible.

5. What is the procedure for requesting a change of route due to change of address?

Send a letter with full details of the student: new address, specifying the starting date of the change, and leave contact numbers. Make payment in cash at treasury department. Fill out a form give it at reception and file these 3 documents. The change will be legalized within 3-5 working days.

3. I fail to pick up my son at the bus as usual, can I pick it elsewhere?

You may be able to collect on the whereabouts another student has assigned, being the same person who is authorized to pick him up. You cannot stop the bus at an unauthorized location.

6. Can I change my son route because he is been picked up very early, and I see another route that goes later where I live?

No. On the site it may goes several routes later, but only one is assigned to collect in that sector; the other ones come to pick up on another distant sector and bring their full quota.