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The library is governed by rules; responsibility, use of resources, good relations of coexistence for a better functioning of the Library. When the rules are clear, facilitate the daily lives of visitors, making the library and its surroundings a peaceful place, tranquility for anyone who is visiting this area, both students, as parents and staff working in the Montessori British School.

1. Refrain from placing food and / or beverages in any area of the library. It is forbidden to chew gum.

2. Refrain from running into the library.

3. Loans: Students may take a maximum of 2 books at a time and for a period of 15 days. Once this term ends, must return them in good condition. If they do not return in the fixed term or return the equipment in bad condition, they must pay a fine set by the library, plus the value of the book.

4. Reference books: dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference material, may not leave the library. It will be offered photocopying service at a reasonable price. For no reason we can photocopy entire books (copyright).

5. Material that is required to read or research at home must be previously checked by our library staff. They cannot take any material without permission.

6. In order to not disturbing others you should avoid talking loudly in the study rooms, lobby and computer area.

7. You must respect teachers and those responsible for the library.

8. Take care for the collection of books by keeping your hands clean, dry and keeping the books away from young children.

9. Books cannot be place after use. Books should be left on the table and an auxiliary in charge of the library will place it in the right place.

10. Students must carry the ID card to entry and use all facilities; also to loan books.

11. In case of loss or damage, the book should be replaced with a new one or pay for it.

12. It is allowed to take photocopies of parts of books (respecting copyrights) or journal articles.

13. The uses of computers are on academic use only. They cannot be used for games or other purposes. If you need assistance, should be directed to the library staff to assist you.

14. Students who visit the library during class must carry a pass signed by the teacher, with time out of the classroom. The person in charge at the library will return the pass with signature and time of entry and exit to the library. The staff library scores the purpose of the visit and the work done. Only four (4) students are allowed to receive at the same time in the same class unaccompanied by teachers.

15. The entire classes should be scheduled in advance and will be supervised by their respective teachers.

16. Ipod, mobile, games, or any appliances are not authorized by the school. There will be confiscated.

17. Not complete classes will be received without the supervision of the teacher. Only four students from the same class will be received unsupervised.

18. No person may enter the library with suitcases, but will be allowed to enter with notebooks and material needed to use during their stay. At the entrance, you will find cubicles destined to leave their belongings.

19. If the student is caught streaking tables, chairs or breaking books, he/she will have to pay for the repairs or the purchase of these items.

20. It is very important to follow the rules and wear a clean uniform (not low pants, un-tucked shirts or short skirts). Remember the importance of a good presentation.

21. Before the end of the school year, students, teachers and employees in general, must have not had any debts with the library, book return and penalty payments if any.

22. The library is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm full (working) day.