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In order to provide a better service to parents and anyone interested, Montessori British School offers two options to provide service, you can choose between visiting us in person or contact us by telephone to request an appointment with staff.

• Go to the general reception of the school to be guided to the required destination in order to realize the procedure required.

• Dial the number 6528585, and select from the menu the option you require.

Gladly we will schedule an appointment for you.


A voluntary express written request must be presented to MBS, from the student and parent or guardian, with 30 days anticipation as a minimum. In this case, parents must pay a lost month as compensation for the damage caused by this fact and show solvency and liquidity requirements are met.


The school library Montessori British School has two computer rooms, each with a particular function. A brief description:

Grace Murray Hopper This computer room is generally used for IT classes and engineering, however, it is also requested by different teachers from other areas to carry out these classes, authorized and reserved with a previous time in the systems department.

John Von Newman This computer room is used for consultations required by teachers and / or students, besides eventually is used to teach classes. Devices in that room shall not be used for a purpose other than academic.


• Classes are scheduled according to the timetable set by the school for different courses and elementary levels.

• Reading lectures are according to the schedule of the school, once a week.

• For high school students, the teacher is responsible for booking the rooms according to previously established guidelines.

It is important to consider that for the current year have been implemented more classes for high school, dedicated to research on different subjects in English.



The day the Group Director receives the folder of their students; the group director should make a list with the date of birth of each student, from August to June and deliver it to Publications where it will present the number of respective crowns, which must be marked with name, date and year, handing them back to Publications.

The first day of each month, must be claimed crowns corresponding to students who have birthdays these days. Be aware of giving the crown to the student early on his birthday and sing the "Happy Birthday" with the group.

Elementary and High School

The day the Group Director receives the folder of their students; the group director should make a list with the date of birth of each student, from August to June and drop it on publications. Coordination of Coexistence for the respective section will deliver the gift that belongs to the student.

Be aware to give the birthday gift to the student who has his/her birthday that day; give it in the morning and sing the "Happy Birthday" with their peers.

Procedure for parents who want to celebrate the birthday: The procedure described below only applies to parents of preschool and transition. Moreover, this activity is only performed in break time allocated to each group.

When a preschool and transition parent is interested in celebrating this date, the parent must come to the reception to collect the format of birthday celebration a week before the celebration and follow the instructions that the format contains.

For students of Elementary and High School, the birthday celebration takes place according to the schedule in which the group manager organizes the celebration with their students, prior information and approval of the Coordinator of Coexistence section according to the format of Special celebrations.


Presently, we possess three interactive media systems that can be used to expedite the informational process:

This is a support system where the users can access academic processes. Here you can find the subjects (materials) by levels and by weeks, which belong to the themes the students are seeing in class.

This platform contains:

• Support or complementary material: it appears in each subject and is where the student “will be able to” check for convenience sake, videos, audio, readings, exercises, links and other contents related to the theme.

• Mandatory material: it appears in a square on the right side called “next events”. The student should check this one daily to advance in their process of knowledge for the reading plan, spelling bee, show and tell, mental math, projects, etc.

This model applies from preschool to fifth grade. In the superior grades, it will appear as “next events”.

The teachers of each area will be constantly updating information so that at the moment of consulting Moodle, students can count on having accurate information.

Here the general information is sent like:

- Citations.
- Events.
- Recovery dates by subjects.
- Schedules for extra class.

It’s important to remind all that the email addresses that parents register must be personal and not corporate.

E-mails, and additionally personal information, should be kept up to date at the following address: Keep your information updated, logging in with the document number and the student’s registration number.


Here is all the information on general and institutional interest .

- Academic calendar.
- Restaurant menu.
- School parents.
- Review of the school.
- News. 
- Breaking news.

We suggest you visit this page constantly, as always late-breaking climbs.