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If a student needs to be absent from school, a letter must be sent to school addressed to the Academic Assistant Director (preschool, elementary or secondary school) requesting permission to not attend school. The parent will be contacted and give response to the request. It is the responsibility of the Group Director to collect activities to do at home and will get the student trough the route. The parent can bring the folder to the school with the following day's work, or the student can deliver as soon as he/she returns to school.

When a student skipping school without valid excuse, and that day there is a quiz or assessment, the grade will be 1.0 (from 4th primary to eleventh) and 3.0 (from transition to third).

If it comes to medical matters is essential to send to school the medical certification signed by the EPS or prepaid, no excuses are accepted with particular medical service. If a disability is less than 4 days, the student will have a maximum of five working days from his/her return to the institution to catch up on their academic responsibilities. Disabilities longer than four working days must be supported by the academic Branch as the term is given to the student to catch up. In case of not having Medical excuse, the guidelines type C and H are due the day of return.

If the student hands the medical excuse to a teacher or the Group Director, it should be directed to Academic Branch to see if the excuse is approved. For no reason the teacher or group director may endorse a medical excuse without the approval of the Academic Branch.

An absence due to travel is not justified; therefore bimonthly quizzes, labs or assessments have not been rescheduled. Likewise, it should be marked the absence on the assistance documents. Only the Academic Branch authorized the rescheduling of an evaluation or a quiz.

When a student misses class due to a suspension, the grade of the quizzes or evaluations of those days will be 1.0. and 3.0 for groups from first to third grade. These assessments cannot be rescheduled. Coexistence Coordinators inform through an email what students have been suspended and the days of the suspension.

If the absence is two or more days and the reason is illness, you must claim a “Get well soon" card in publications and send it to the student through the route.

If a student is hospitalized, you must inform to the General Coordination. The school will send a gift to the student to the hospital.

Make sure to send later in the day the tasks left in class. If the student is in route 0, you must leave them at the reception, if the student is in route, deliver the tasks through them and make them sign the EA-P01-F12 Delivery task format / guide delivery form by the auxiliary route, and ultimately must deliver the Academic Deputy Director of their section.


This route is identified to pick up the students by parents or guardians. The coordination of this route is in charge of security chief and takes place on the south side of the primary playground where the location is. Also in the morning a person from the coexistence department has to be on that area to receive the students.

Admission of students in route zero is as follows:

Route Zero doors open from 7:45 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. All students normally enter. Afterwards, Route Zero closed, so students are late and must enter at 8:40 am at the second hour of class. The coexistence member must register on the Student delay folder.

This is done during all school days independent of the activity being performed. Moreover it is the same procedure to record in the student's folder.

Leaving time of students by Route Zero will be held as follows:

• Preschool at 3:00 pm.
• From Transition to Second at 3:10 pm.
• From Third to Fifth at 3:20 pm.
• Secondary and High School at 3:25 pm.

If a parent has multiple students at different levels should be collected in the schedule corresponding to the higher level student.


In order to provide better service, and for the safety of their children, the procedure to withdraw children from school at a different time set to 2:55 pm, will be through a letter signed by parents. This letter should be send to the school reception desk reach the desk between 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. the previous day.

For safety reasons, this procedure cannot be made by telephone or fax or E-mail. Do not forget to type the full name of his son / daughter, course, route and the person authorized to pick him/her with ID number and signature of the father or mother. We recommend that children be picked up between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm at the school reception.

For safety reasons and school organization CHILDREN SHOULD NOT BE PICKED UP ON DIFFERENT HOURS PROVIDED BY OUTSIDE THESE HOURS. Please notice to pick them up before 1:00 pm or after departure route at 3:20 pm.



Each area has activities which include field trips. Information about these are emailed to parents. At the bottom of the information is a removable authorization which must be sent to school, filled out and signed by parents if they are interested in your son / daughter to participate, with the corresponding money. This are published in the academic calendar on the website.